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Help your teens to stop feeling stuck and uncertain about their future. Instead, give them the opportunity to strengthen their purpose and discover meaning in life so that they can become productive, proactive, and resilient young adults.

You're so tired of talking to a brick wall half the time, fed up with trying to get your teen to understand what a purposeful life looks like and raising their self-esteem. You’d give anything to find a way to help them discover that one thing, that special something that lights a fire in them ... but they go back into their little bubble, sighing like the world is against them and blatantly ignoring their chores.


Despite your best efforts at trying to boost their self-esteem, every pat on the back seems to just bounce off them. And every reminder about their chores and responsibilities? It's like pushing a boulder uphill. You're caught in a whirlwind, questioning every attempt at guidance.


You've even toyed with the idea of setting up consequences for their poor habits, but the thought of it chills your spine. What if it only serves to drive a wedge between you, to stoke the fires of resentment? The constant back and forth is like a storm in your head that refuses to quiet down.


And then there's the rest of their life. The thought of your teen struggling to make progress at work, having difficulties building lasting relationships, not reaching their full potential in life... it's a nightmare that haunts you. The fear that your attempts at steering them onto the right path might actually be setting them back, it's a thought that grips your heart and won't let go.

Isn't this just exhausting? Who knew parenting would be this difficult?  

When will all this effort start to show?

When will you get to see them confident and responsible like you know they can be?

Imagine ...


... if this phase was just a stepping stone, a part of your teen’s journey to becoming a self-aware and responsible young adult … that their current trials were not obstacles but opportunities for them to learn how to steer their own ship, to own their development.


... a few years down the line, your teen not just survives but thrives at work, their raised self-esteem allows them to handle challenges with grace and confidence and develop lasting, fulfilling relationships because they've learned to value themselves and others.


... your teen, all grown up, living a fulfilling life, achieving their potential because they've learned to tap into their passions to make decisions that align with their interests and aspirations. This isn't just about the immediate change but the long term, about not just getting through the teenage years but setting your teen up for a life of satisfaction and success. It's not just about getting through the storm.

It's about teaching them how to dance in the rain.

And as you watch them twirl and leap, you'll know,

deep down, that every struggle, every sleepless night was worth it.



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I'm Kathleen Sabo

You know, all this brings me back to a turning point in my own journey. I remember when I was in your shoes, feeling drained and wondering if my efforts as a parent were making any difference at all...

I've now successfully guided my 4 children toward hope, empowerment, and resilience without having to constantly worry about their decisions, without needing to intervene in every hardship, and without the fear of them not being able to face life's challenges. I'm feeling an incredible sense of pride and fulfillment, I'm able to enjoy our conversations about their dreams and achievements, and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to grow and excel in their lives.

But things weren't always like this for me ...

  • Back in the early 2000s, I was constantly worried about the well-being of my children, feeling helpless in the face of their struggles and overwhelmed by the fear that I might not be equipping them with the right skills to face life's challenges.

  • I'd tried providing constant advice and direct solutions to their problems, engaging in overprotective measures, and even enlisting the help of self-help books and parenting courses, but nothing was working.

  • It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't quite seem to inspire them to get excited about goals in life, take charge of their own decisions confidently, or bounce back from setbacks effectively.

But that's when it hit me. I needed to try something new, something different,

an approach that didn't involve controlling or micromanaging their

lives and instead focused on nurturing their inherent strengths,

fostering their individuality and encouraging their problem-solving skills.

I tested out my 'Life Goals Approach' - and that's when

I finally started to see the results I'd been looking for…

  • The transformation I've seen in my teens has been truly inspiring. They've developed essential skills like assertiveness, decision-making, and emotional intelligence that now empower them to navigate their lives with a newfound confidence.

  • What's even more amazing is the positive shift in their relationships. They're now more in tune not just with me, but also their friends, teachers, and others in their life. They've become effective communicators, showing true empathy, and resolving conflicts in a mature and healthy manner.

  • One aspect of their growth that has deeply resonated with me is their blossoming understanding of community service. They've started to give back, contributing positively to our community in their unique ways. No matter how small their actions may seem, they've realized that they can indeed make a difference. Watching them discover the deep sense of joy and satisfaction that comes from service has been a powerful and heartwarming experience.

And the best thing about it all?

Watching my teens blossom into confident, capable, and compassionate adults has been a remarkable journey. They've embraced the world with responsibility and proactivity, each carving out their own unique path to success.

Their journeys have led my teens to find wonderful spouses, and together, they've created beautiful families of their own. Seeing them instill cherished family values in our grandchildren and continue a legacy of strong and nurturing families is profoundly gratifying.

The joy I feel observing them successfully navigate their individual paths, forging their destinies while maintaining their core values, is beyond words. I couldn't be prouder of the remarkable individuals they've become, and I eagerly anticipate the milestones they have yet to reach on their unique journeys.

But I didn't stop there!

I wanted to see if others could get the same results I had following my Life Goals Approach.

After founding Uplifting Education, here's what happened ...

"As a teacher, I am always curious to know what’s out there for students. As a parent, I am constantly looking for the best programs and curricula to use with my children.  

I was pleased to find Uplifting Education. I researched the curriculum and looked deeply into the program from both a parent’s eye and a teacher’s perspective, and I was amazed at how well it serves all students. 

The motivating curriculum allows students to engage themselves. It also provides students with a wide array of choices while offering a challenging environment that supports their overall growth. 

The best part about the program is that it can be personalized for anybody with its astonishing ability to differentiate instruction according to one’s learning style and needs.

I would highly recommend this program to any parent who would like to give their students a high-quality education."

- Homeschooling Parent and Public School Teacher

"I read through your description on your website and am very impressed. I very much appreciate your educational philosophy and approach... Thanks again… for the great work you are doing to help educate kids."

Jeff Rice -Founder/Director APLUS+  Personalized Learning Movement   

"You are the recipient of the Home Educators Resource Directory SEAL OF APPROVAL! This is a seal of recognition for your support to the homeschool community."

Home Educators Resource Directory

"But my favorite thing … is the support they give parents … That’s their specialty … Check out Uplifting Education and see if you believe Uplifting Education stands apart from other programs. We were certainly impressed."

Rebecca Kochenderfer – Founder of

Welcome to ...

The first online guided quest that helps teens to strengthen their purpose and discover meaning in life to become productive, proactive, and resilient young adults.

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Initiate a strengths-based adventure that builds passion and develops purpose. Create successful habits, work on meaningful projects, build skills, collaborate, set goals, track progress, and learn real-world problem-solving.



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This transformative and awe-inspiring journey reinforces empowerment, hope, and resilience. Kickstart a visionary quest where the three meticulously mapped realms, teeming with vitality, unfurl their holistic tapestry across three captivating phases. This esteemed accolade is a prerequisite for the HEART Certificate Growth Quest.

HEART Certificate Growth Quest

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realms of profound wisdom and self-discovery, unleashing potential while recognizing innate strengths. Dive into the depths of truth, beauty, and goodness. Traverse this expedition that ignites the path toward fulfillment. Unlock the keys to passion, purpose, and connection along the way.

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