Uplifting Education's Personalized Learning For Grades K - 12

Prepares Students for Success 

 -  A Balanced Approach to Education  -

Interactive Online Resources that can be utilized for Virtual Education, Homeschooling, Flex/Blended Learning, Independent Study, Credit Recovery, Summer School,  Gifted Learning, Test Preparation, or After School Enrichment.

The Uplifting Education Academic Enrollments include resources and interactive multimedia courses in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and a variety of electives.

Our combination of engaging digital curriculum and resources can inspire students to apply, deepen, and extend their learning while encouraging their personal motivation.

Our Logo

The four leaves represent openness, the sprouting of abundance, optimism, and balance. The heart represents both the development of heart within each person and the HEART theme of Uplifting Education:  

The diamond represents the preciousness of each child. Diamonds are the symbol of innocence and constancy. A polished diamond is a shining gem.


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What's Included?   H.E.A.R.T.  

* Help and Support: Educational Consultation, Student Management Portal, Learning Paths, Teaching Guides, Newsletters, Telephone Support.

* Expansion of Mind and Heart: "World and I" and "World and I Kids" Cross-Curriculum Resource

* Academic Excellence: Engaging and Interactive Online Curriculum created by highly educated curriculum experts.

* Realization of Unique Aptitude: Renzulli Learning System with a Web-Based Learning Coach, Project Templates, and a Personal Success Plan.

* Training of Heart: "Discovering the Real Me" - a Positive Promotion of Character Development, Social Maturity, and Emotional Intelligence

*  Plus, a BONUS. BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., and BrainPop EspaƱol with videos, quizzes, games, experiments, activity pages, etc. -  supports connected learning